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Women at Risk -- "One Voice Now"

We believe that women have a civil right to be protected from individuals who are pressuring them into an unwanted abortion.

We believe that women have a constitutional and civil right to be fully informed of all the information that a patient may reasonably consider relevant to a decision regarding abortion.

We believe that women are entitled to fair compensation for injuries resulting from negligence or from a violation of their civil rights.

We believe the feelings and beliefs of women who have had abortions must be respected at all times.

We seek to protect the health and safety of women by holding abortion practitioners to the highest standards for medical care and accountability to their patients.

We seek to reduce the occurrence of unwanted abortions. We support the enactment of tougher laws that would protect women and minors from being coerced into abortions that are contrary to their maternal desires or moral beliefs.

We seek to eliminate legal obstacles that prevent or discourage women from seeking compensation for abortion related injuries and have thereby allowed the standard of care provided to abortion patients to deteriorate.

We seek to assist women who are suffering from a negative abortion experience to find appropriate counseling and healing.

We seek to create a more healing environment for those who struggle with the memory of a past abortion by creating a more sensitive and compassionate society. This will allow women to talk more openly about their abortions and to feel less fearful of condemnation if they need to seek assistance and support from their loved ones or professional counselors.

We are drawn to unite with our sisters and loved ones to give voice to our experience. -One voice makes a difference. Please join us now.

Mail List or Registration Form

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Your donations are welcome and will help to further the development and outreach efforts of Women at Risk.

 Come to our National Conference
The first National Convention of Women at Risk will be held in St. Louis, MO August 7th, beginning at 7pm, through Saturday August 8th.

Early registration (before July 10) is only $25.00.  Registrations postmarked between July 10 and August 1 will be $35.00. Registration includes lunch on Saturday.

The Conference will be held at the Renaissance.  Rooms reserved for attendees before July 10th are only $79.00 (one  to four occupants allowed).  For room reservations, call (800) 228-9290.

Additional information on the conference is available on request and will automaticallybe sent to all pre-registered guests.  (See above form.)     Click Here for More Information about the Conference

 Conference Press Release

Women at Risk PO Box 7375 Springfield, IL 62791-7375 (217) 525-5879